Bob Dylan Articles

Here’s a list of Bob Dylan-related articles for easy access:

A Voice From On High

Passion and betrayal – Bob Dylan – Tell Tale Signs Reassessed

Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan

Does Bob Dylan have Christmas in the heart? – 4th Time Around

A Comforting Old Wooden Chair (Foreword to a Bob Dylan Book)

The Curse of Celebrity and the Cross of Christ

People are crazy, times are strange


All the Merry Little Elves Can Go and Hang Themselves

The Cards Are No Good Which You’re Holding Unless They’re From Another World

Bob Dylan: Religion and the Apocalypse in His New Album, Tempest

Bob Dylan – “Saved” reassessed

Dylan in Advent – A Second Look At Christmas in the Heart


Stay with Me, Otto Preminger, Bob Dylan and the Cardinal, oh and Batman

Christmas in the Heart – Third Time Around

Dylan in the 80s – worth more than a second glimpse… and his thoughts on music and film.

Bob Dylan, Sloppy Analysis and Hearing What We Want to Hear

There are quite a few other minor articles about Dylan and some with minor references to him.

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