A 5th Shakespearience – on its 10th Anniversary

The Shakespearience is a project which was begun 10 years ago to provide a live theatrical experience of Shakespeare’s plays – for all ages but particularly for school and college students who were 10 years and over.

Since then in 5 blocks, we have worked with the following Shakespeare plays:

Romeo and Juliet

The Merchant of Venice


Much Ado About Nothing

As You Like It

Henry IV Part 1

Henry IV Part II

Henry V



King Lear

Twelfth Night

And now we are concentrating on “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

From June 10th 2019, at Ravenscourt Arts Theatre, Ravenscourt Road, Hammersmith, London W6 0UH, our team of professional actors and our Elizabethan-style musical band will be performing twice a day and all performances will be free to school and college groups.

This production will also include scenes from Hamlet, As You Like It and Cymbeline to help the audience to understand the wider world of Shakespeare. And the music of ex-Genesis guitarist, Steve Hackett.

This is your invitation to get involved!!

Here’s our cast:

Belle Kavanagh as Titania

Nico Bourgeais as Oberon
Samantha Fields as Helena
Amy Blackthorne as Hermia
Jack Cunningham as Lysander
Jonathan Wober as Demetrius
Evangeline Briazza as Fairy, Ophelia (in a scene from Hamlet), Jaques (in a scene from As You Like It)
Louise Kleboe as musical director, and lead vocalist
Rick Evans as Nick Bottom
Athena Fairchild as Quince
Katherine Beresford as Snout
Tiarna Moore as Flute
Linda Mathis as Snug
Alabama Rissa as Starveling
Becky Wang on flute
Becky Waite on trumpet and percussion
George Frake on guitar
Elize Sera on cello
Sophie Karl – backstage manager
Daniela Fleckenstein – photography
Ninoshka Gomes – lights, sound and everything technical
Frankie Saunders – Backstage and technical assistant
Darren Hirst – director, producer, as Puck and Robin Goodfellow, as the Mysterious Narrator, as King Claudius (in scenes from Hamlet), as Guiderius and Arviragus (in scenes from Cymbeline), as Duke Senior (in scenes from As You Like It.

Orchestral music written and performed by Steve Hackett. The producers are very grateful to Steve for permission granted to use his work.

Call 07580 040489 to book seats…

I Never Thought it Possible or Likely…

What: The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare

Where: The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Who: The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC)

When: 19th March 2019

The Royal Shakespeare Company when announcing their 2019 season said that they were going to show the relevance of Shakespeare’s writings to the modern era. There is no question that they have attempted this – although they could be accused of majoring only on one contemporary issue.

Like a percussionist surrounded by many instruments but beating on only one drum, they have taken up only the issue of gender. This meant that in the seldom-performed “Timon of Athens”, they left us wondering what the value of the change of gender was – although it did give some opportunity for strong female character actors in the principal roles. Very few of the audience would know the original play well enough to appreciate the difference that making all the lead characters female had made. Then there was As You Like It where the gender swaps caused a complete meltdown in the second half of the play as an already complex plot became just too untidy.

But with The Taming of the Shrew, by George, I believe they may have added in something worthwhile.

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Steely Dan today…

Who: Steely Dan

Where: SSE (Wembley) Arena, London, UK

When: 25th February 2019

What happens when one of the founder members of a rock band dies? There are, of course, no rules in these matters but it is something that will become more and more a matter of debate as the generation of the great rock bands reaches a certain longevity where members reach their middle-60s and 70s.

What happens next?

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We are not alone unhappy: This Wide and Universal Theatre…

What: As You Like It by William Shakespeare

Where: The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Who: The Royal Shakespeare Company

When: 21st February 2019

Kimberly Sykes’ direction of the current Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) production of “As You Like It” has many strengths but there are some self-created weaknesses which it seems to me have little to do with the writing of the Bard of Avon. The peculiar things is that they are similar flaws to those present in other recent productions by the RSC and those were handled by other directors. I hate to be repeating myself but… What is going on here?

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Sweet Tidings of Loudness and Joy

Who: Sweet

Where: Nell’s Jazz and Blues, West London, UK

When: 19th December 2018

What: Live in Concert (50th Anniversary Tour)

Last Christmas on the 15th of December I was stood just in front of the stage as Sweet tore up Nell’s Jazz and Blues playing to a packed house and delivering an uproarious set. Well, having started a good tradition, why break and so I and they are back just a little over a year later for more of the same.

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We stand much hazard, if they bring not Timon.

What: Timon of Athens by William Shakespeare

Where: The Swan Theatre @ The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Waterside, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Who: The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC)

When: 13th December 2018

It has been a strange year for the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC). It just got stranger. Their take on – should I say adaptation of Timon of Athens – is an unusual one. And that is to say something quite remarkable because this play is seldom performed.

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