Brighton by the sea

So I made the journey from home in London to Brighton to catch Swarf last night. If anybody actually read these things you may remember I raved about them a couple of weeks ago as a neglected electronic band much deserving of acclaim and exposure.
The gig was at the Prince Albert where I’d previously journeyed to see them at the end of last year. I’d known that there were two bands on the bill but was disappointed to see that Swarf were the openers rather than the “headliners” but, hey, when it comes to good music, we’ll take what we can get.
Swarf were on great form once again although if I’d been on the desk I would have pushed Liz’s vocals a little higher in the mix. They did some new songs which I’m not familiar with which was brave in this kind of environment where some of those gathered had principally come to see the “The Last Cry” (the other band on the bill). These sounded great and I presume that this means that there is a new album at some point which is something to look forward to. If someone else was there and has a setlist I’d be very appreciative…..
Great complex keyboard arrangements with some unusual soundings show up the bands creativity whilst the mercurial vocals are better than anything else you’ll hear around at the moment. Highlights: Parlour Tricks, Supine, Not Enough and some of those newies I don’t know the names of. Great night out!!

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