Shadow goes to the vet…..

So until about 8 months ago, I lived in Greenford (Middlesex, outskirts of London) when I moved to Hammersmith. I have 3 cats all of whom are in good health but occasionally need to go to the vets for their checkups and vaccination boosters. For two of them this was no problem, but for Shadow this was always an unpleasant experience. She was very nervous of the catbox and hated going in the car. This usually meant that by the time the car had left our street, she had begun to vomit and always meant that the catbox arrived at the veterinary clinic in a disgusting state. Consequently, each visit became more and more of a trauma for her with the same difficult results. Imagine for a while sitting in your own sick in a plastic box. Even bringing it down to the level of a cat (or up) this can’t have been Shadow’s idea of a good time.

Anyway, the date for her jabs has come round for the first time since we moved to Hammersmith. Careful planning required. Cut out the car by making the appointment at that small practise somewhere between my house and Ravenscourt Park (you have no idea how close that is). Then great scheme comes to mind – cut out the catbox by attaching Shadow to a lead. This was a big risk. If she was sick it was probably going to end up on my nice black velvet jacket. Should have thought of this before leaving home and worn something more practical. Too late to stop now!. We make the short journey to the vets. Some of the time, Shadow walks. Some of the time, she prefers to be carried. All the time, she miaows. But she is not sick.

We arrive at the clinic. The gothy receptionist doesn’t even blink at the sight of a cat on a lead (Shadows appreciates her colour scheme) and we are handed onto the vet who does his work with Shadow hardly noticing. Shadow is declared in good health although warned she might be overeating.

We begin the journey home. Same routine as before. Lots of miaowing but nothing else. Once inside the gates of home (and they’re pretty impressive gates!), Shadow makes a break for it and runs for the door and safety. For the first time ever, Shadow has been to the vet without being sick! She is not hiding from fear of another visit and we are the best of friends. I’m not even phased by the looks I got from those who wondered why a bloke was walking down the street walking a cat.


Hooray for Shadow!!

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