Post-Season blues

No, I’m not griping about the Yankees not being involved in this stage of the season. We had a good and interesting season but we weren’t quite good enough but there is much reason to be optimistic for 2009.
No. At this time of the year, my problem is always the same. This wild card system doesn’t seem to work. Too often the wild card team gets through the short 5 game series which begins the post-season and then goes on to more success than they deserve. I was very glad last night that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (boy, that’s a mouthful) managed to bounce back and at least take Boston to 4 games and hopefully the full 5.
Solutions? Don’t really have any – take the leagues to two divisions each and eliminate the need for a wild card? Make the Division series seven games and at least introduce some equity in making that first round as difficult to win as the others?
No, this isn’t me trying to desperately prevent Boston making the World Series again. As I said, I have this problem every year. Too often the Wild Card team from one or both of the leagues, who really are an also-ran in my mind, find their way to the Series in a way that their performance during the 162 games, which is the real meat of the season, doesn’t merit.
Anyway, I hope Anaheim pull it off. Both Los Angeles teams have impressed me this year and deserve to make their Championship series.

2 thoughts on “Post-Season blues

  1. Wild CArd.
    I think there are too many teams to go back to two divisions. When I was a kid they added San Diego and Montreal (now Washington) and split up everyone. Before that, there was only the World Series. Then came Seattle, Colorado, Florida, Tampa Bay, and Arizona. Baseball wanted to keep more teams and fans interested so they weren’t just playing out the string from 1 August. Milwaukee was in the American League until a few years ago. I like the Wild Card because a team winning 96 games behind a 97-win team is usually better than am 86-game divisions champ. It’s hard to know where the better talent will migrate through the years.
    What concerns me is that the AL is better than the NL. And I want the DH to go away, but the players’ union won’t allow it. I like the managers to have to make a tough decision.
    What did you think of the Yankees closing the stadium without acknowledging Joe Torre? It seemed vindictive and petty.

    • Re: Wild CArd.
      Well, I’m in favour of the DH. I think it has given some incredible talents an extended career and has made the sport better over 37 years. No complaints.
      The Torre exclusion on the final night at the Stadium was a weird one. However, they didn’t have a section in their presentations for managers. Billy Martin was included as a second baseman and Miller Huggins because all of the 1923 team were mentioned, good, bad and indifferent. That said I can’t think of another notably successful manager who wasn’t mentioned in some capacity- although I can’t remember them mentioning Ralph Houk. Who knows the logic of being a Steinbrenner? Notably George wasn’t mentioned and wasn’t present.

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