Back to baseball……

Well, the baseball season is over. In case you hadn’t noticed the Phillies swept the board. They deserved it, I think. Certainly one of the most consistently impressive teams throughout the year. For me, it was one of the most enjoyable years in baseball. The Yankees only ran in third in their division but I think the basics are there for a successful year in 2009 with only a couple of big signings required.

 I’m going to review the Yankees’ season. I’m going to begin by looking at the players. Position by position – beginning at first base.

 At the end of the review (however long it takes), I will announce the TWI-D Yankees awards based on my rating of players during the season. That’s right not the TYIB (This Year in Baseball) awards, or the TWIB (This week in Baseball awards) but the TWI-D (Twilight Dawning) awards.

 The baseball world waits with baited breath………

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