The Twilight Dawning 1st Annual Yankees Baseball Awards

That’s TWI-D (Twilight Dawning) not TWIB (This week in Baseball)

Using the rules I explained so clearly yesterday, here are the Yankees players who fared best according to my bi-monthly updates during the 2008 season:

Batter of the Year 2008: Alex Rodriguez
Pitcher of the Year 2008: Mike Mussina
Bench player of the Year 2008: Wilson Betemit
Relief Pitcher of the Year 2008: Mariano Rivera

Most appearances without getting mentioned in the Twilight Dawning reports:
Jonathan Albaladejo (7 games) 

For the record, here are the total points gained:



A. Rodriguez                6

B. Abreu                      3

J. Damon                      2

D. Jeter                        1

X. Nady                       1

R. Cano                       1

H. Matsui                     0

J. Posada                     0

J. Giambi                      -1

I. Rodriguez                  -2

M. Cabrera                  -3

J. Molina                      -4





W. Betemit                   6

B. Gardner                   2

C. Ransom                   2

C. Moeller                    1

J. Miranda                    1

J. Christian                   0

M. Ensberg                  -1

A. Gonzalez                  -2

S. Duncan                    -2

R. Sexson                     -2



M. Mussina                  6

M. Rivera                     5

B. Bruney                     4

J. Veras                        4

K. Farnsworth              3

J. Chamberlain             2

A. Aceves                    2

D. Giese                       2

P. Coke                       2

C.M. Wang                  1

Andy Pettitte                0

Carl Pavano                 0

E. Ramirez                    -1

H. Sanchez                   -1

B. Traber                     -1

R. Ohlendorf                -1

S. Ponson                     -1

D. Marte                      -2

C. Britton                     -2

P. Hughes                     -2

L. Hawkins                   -2

K. Igawa                      -2

D. Robertson                -3

I. Kennedy                   -3

D. Rasner                     -5

There’s the odd anomaly (Rasner simply wasn’t that bad, he was just simply left on the roster longer than other struggling pitchers!) in this but I think it is surprisingly evocative of the way the season went.

It’s fifteen years since my first trip to Yankee Stadium. It was a privilege to be there again this season and particularly to be present for the final game at the old Stadium. Hopefully, next year will see them back in the post-season.

2 thoughts on “The Twilight Dawning 1st Annual Yankees Baseball Awards

  1. At last! The conclusion! I’ve been following this since you started it. I really thought, judging by your summary pages, that Abreu was going to take it. But, no! A-Rod it is!

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