Is there concrete all around or is it in my head?

I don’t tend to do too many truly "personal" posts on my journal preferring to use it to keep a record of stuff I’ve had printed elsewhere or reviews that I do just for fun. But today was such a terrible day that it needed marking in some way. I haven’t many days recently when my work just got so on top of me that I wanted to run away and be someone else but this was really one of them. I’ve been abused and misused and verbally assaulted. Tomorrow, I have to begin all over again with a day full of appointments and meetings with people I don’t know and at the moment I don’t know where I am going to get the stamina from to do that. For a person who ends up in one way or another having a very public profile, I’m very insecure and when something like this happens I become very shy and introverted and just want to run away. At the moment I feel overloaded and not ready to face anything so I thought I’d post this as a marker in the sand of my life because I don’t want to be here too often.

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