Back in the U.K.!

Well, this time it was a bit of a flying, compact visit to New York but it was well worth the travelling time and the jetlag I’m now suffering back in London. During the time we were there we spent time in four of the five boroughs and attended three games at the new Yankee Stadium. It was a painful experience to see the old Stadium closed up, fenced off and derelict but some people struggle to respect history. Strange to think the last time I was there was in the frivolity and joy of the last game ever held there – now the life has moved across the road into a site which has more comfort, more space but lacks the originality of architecture and atmosphere and the ghosts of great games gone by. Where the new stadium has true class is where it has chosen to echo the old. Let’s just say it’s nice and I’ll get used to it and leave it at that.
Over the next few days I’ll be posting some thoughts about the games we saw and then a summary of September and what I thinks the Yankees chances are in the post-season.

2 thoughts on “Back in the U.K.!

  1. Should be a great post-season! I’m still picking the Red Sox because they have the best pitchers, experience being a premium in October, but anything looks possible. My home team, the Dodgers, are an enigma. They have no superstar, no ace for game one (Randy Wolf? Really?) and their closer is unreliable. How did they manage the best record in the senior circuit?

    • Torre always seems to find a way to the post-season. Red Sox? They’ve really limped in recent weeks. They’d need to find some confidence from somewhere. I see the Angels taking them down in the division series

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