The Yankees in June – The Pitching

The Yankees’ pitching has not been predictable this season. The performances have certainly not been like they were expected to be pre-season. Joba Chamberlain and A.J. Burnett have failed, so far, to live up to their top billing. But also, the appearances of April have not gelled into full season trends with Javier Vazquez particularly overcoming his early season problems. How did it all look during June?

New York Yankees – Pitching – Month – June
Mitre, Sergio 1 0 1 2.0 1 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 0.00 .167
Rivera, Mariano 11 0 11 13.0 4 0 0 2 16 2 0 7 0.00 .093
Robertson, David 9 0 2 9.0 8 1 1 4 9 0 0 0 1.00 .250
Sabathia, C.C. 5 5 0 37.0 25 9 9 12 35 5 0 0 2.19 .191
Logan, Boone 4 0 1 7.2 7 2 2 5 7 0 0 0 2.35 .250
Pettitte, Andy 5 5 0 34.0 29 15 12 12 33 2 1 0 3.18 .232
Vazquez, Javier 6 6 0 39.0 26 14 14 12 35 3 2 0 3.23 .187
Chamberlain, Joba 12 0 0 10.2 11 5 5 4 10 0 0 0 4.22 .275
Gaudin, Chad 7 0 6 12.2 12 7 7 7 7 0 1 0 4.97 .267
Hughes, Phil 5 5 0 31.1 37 19 18 8 24 4 1 0 5.17 .303
Park, Chan Ho 9 0 5 11.2 11 7 7 4 11 0 0 0 5.40 .250
Marte, Damaso 8 0 0 5.1 2 4 4 5 3 0 0 0 6.75 .125
Burnett, A.J. 5 5 0 23.0 35 29 29 17 19 0 5 0 11.35 .357
87 26 26 236.1 208 112 108 93 211 16 10 7 4.11 .239


Mariano Rivera. Rivera suffered one or two hiccups in May but his long career show that those occasional problems are nothing more than that and he finds it amazingly easy to get back in the groove. In 11 appearance in June, he only allowed six players to get on base and none of them resulted in runs given up. He continues to astound.

C.C. Sabathia. Sabathia took 5 wins in 5 starts after a largely indifferent start to the season. He is hitting his stride excellently as the season reaches its midpoint and a 20 win season looks well within his reach.

Andy Pettitte. Another solid month for Pettitte who is supposed to be aging and consequently fading. Without last year’s self-inflicted burden on his shoulders, he is looking more intimidating, more confident and simply a better pitcher. True growth isn’t found in pills or serum or injection but in overcoming adversity using those natural God-given resources.

Javier Vazquez. And now Vazquez is giving the Yankees the innings and solid pitching that he has delivered for every other team that he has represented but that he has struggled to match in the Bronx. In June, he kept his OBA below 2 and delivered six and a half innings, on average, each outing. That will do very nicely. Thank you.

Sergio Mitre. Mitre must be truly disappointed to be on the disabled list. That’s always a difficult experience but even more so when everything is coming right for you. His final appearance before the injury was as good as anything he has produced for the Pinstripes.


A.J. Burnett. Burnett got lost in June but there are already signs that his time in the wilderness might be coming to an end. But June saw him deliver a lousy 11.35 ERA and put more batters per innings on base than any other Yankees pitcher. Let’s hope those better days come thick and fast.

Joba Chamberlain. When he’s good, he’s good. But when he’s bad, he is simply awful. And the bad days are outnumbering the good. They failed to make a starter of him and he isn’t the reliever he was. Sometimes you tamper at your peril.

Chan Ho Park. There was a time when Park was a dominating starter. There was a time when Park was a dominating reliever. At the moment he is not pitching well, his mechanics seem all over the place and he is being hit all over the park.

Chad Gaudin. Having released this guy in Spring Training, I do not understand why we brought him back. Having brought him back when there was a number of injuries around, I don’t understand why he is still around now we have more options. He is ordinary when he is at his best.


David Robertson. And in June, the 2009 David Robertson reappeared on the roster of the Bronx Bombers. Only time will tell whether the career of Mr Robertson will be more like this guy or whether the pitcher from the previous two months of this season will return. Certainly, this guy is the better one for the Yankees. He gave up one run and averaged a strikeout per innings. He still allowed too many men to get on base but this was a surprising return to form.

Boone Logan. Logan had a good month in June – which resulted in reassignment and another trip to the minors. The need to make a space on the roster for Dustin Moseley was obviously the core reason for this but Logan does bring something to the roster which will be missed. On the other side of the coin, it could be argued that there were times in June when Logan escaped lightly, having put several men on base but managing to get the final out when in difficult straits. There were also times when he was fortunate that others were able to come in and right the ship for him.

Phil Hughes. Hughes won four games in June – but you don’t have to look far to realise that this was mostly down to a very high level of run support. He may still be winning but he is not pitching as well as he was earlier in the year.

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