A Rose By Any Other Name……….

We packed up our tour bus and we toured the local schools. Having stolen the name “The Shakespearience” from a long-forgotten tourist project in Stratford-Upon-Avon, I produced a two-hour presentation of the highlights of “Romeo and Juliet”, “Merchant of Venice” and “Macbeth”, complete with narration to explain the full story. Largely directed by Richard Evans but with input from the whole acting company, we produced a truly collaborative venture which we performed to audiences aged from 9-15. Our largest round of applause (and standing ovation) came from a crowd of 220 fifteen year olds so we must have done something right.

We were joined by Perkelt from the Czech Republic who provided their own compositions which are in the spirit of mediaeval and Elizabethan music. Perkelt quickly became an audience favourite and are to be congratulated on their musical skills, their ability to adapt quickly to the demands of different schools and their sheer professionalism.

Here’s some photos from the different performances:

Perkelt in dress rehearsal (from left to right: Stepan Honc, Pavlina Bastlova, Karel Novotny, Filip Tomanek)

Romeo and Juliet (John Sandeman and Rebecca Todd)

Darren Hirst and Perkelt

Andy Hodges as a blood-spattered Macbeth

Lennox (Richard Evans), a guest at the banquet (Rebecca Todd) and the ghost of Banquo (John Sandeman)

Portia (Frances Marshall) and Shylock (Richard Evans)

2 thoughts on “A Rose By Any Other Name……….

  1. What will you do with no baseball for a few months? Changes will be interesting. New faces in spring training.
    If I go to the UK it will probably be around New Year’s. Hope to see Liverpool v Newcastle.

  2. Excellent. Will you perform for adults on the next tour. If so, I’m waiting for you at the stage door

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