I’ve Got A Bullpen but I Can’t Get No Relief

(I’m posting this slightly out of sequence as the May baseball updates aren’t up on this site yet!)

Yesterday, Joe Girardi looked hesitant and under-managed the Yankees as they allowed Boston to sweep the series at the Stadium. Sabathia faded quickly in a game that he had largely dominated and Girardi allowed him to wilt and die and a small lead became a huge deficit. Girardi’s indecision showed all the traits that would have cost him his job in a different era under a different Steinbrenner.

The bullpen weakened by a perhaps-season ending trip to the DL for Joba Chamberlain is obviously something that Joe G lacks confidence in.

Tonight, he took a radically different approach – which puts the pressure squarely on GM Brian Cashman.

Girardi and the Yankees won the game over Cleveland but showed a slow hand-clapping and booing crowd in the Bronx that the cupboard really is bare. Yesterday, after losing the game he turned to Jeffrey Marquez who showed just why Chicago had placed him on waivers a few days earlier. Tonight, with a handsome lead in hand, he turned one-by-one to the pitchers that the General Manager has provided and showed us that they cannot bear the weight.

Finally, just to finish the game, with the bases loaded in the ninth, he sent in Mariano Rivera, in a game that was a country mile away from being a save opportunity. What Kevin Whelan, Amauri Sanit and Lance Pendleton couldn’t achieve, Rivera did but in doing so, he allowed Girardi to ask the Yankees ownership to get serious about their pitching if they want to catch the Red Sox.

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