Disappearing World

With the New York Yankees out of town on the road to Chicago, I decided to catch some minor league baseball in the gap and so we went to catch the opening day of class-A Staten Island Yankees’ season – a home game against the Brooklyn Cyclones of the Mets organisation.

Much has changed since my last visit to the Ballpark at St George in 2009. A new manager, players have come and gone, even the mascots have gone from three to two.

So I spoke to club president, Joseph Ricciutti, about the most significant of the changes:

 DH: Where’s Huck?

JR: Who?

DH: Huck

JR: Well, Huck was one of three mascots we had….

DH: I know who he WAS. Where is he?

JR: We decided to phase him out. Did you like Huck?

DH: My daughter did. Is he dead?

JR: No, Huck couldn’t be dead!

DH (helpfully): Has he been promoted to double-A?

JR (relieved) : Yes, he finally made it to double-A. We promoted him

Mystery solved.

1 thought on “Disappearing World

  1. It would to be good to meet. I expect to be back in the UK about the 7th or 8th so it will need to wait to fix an exact date. Could you let me have your cellphone number and e-mail address so we can firm up details then? You can use my e-mail address d.hirstjcla(at)btinternet.com (replace the at with the correct symbol!)- better not to post them on here to avoid an avalanche of spam.
    I think the Red Sox current form is more indicative of their true ability than the first couple of weeks of the season and the final positions will be close between them and the Yankees. The Yankees mounting injury problems could be a crucial factor.

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