Aren’t you………

In the first quarter of 2011, 12 music albums that I have been involved in were released in different markets around the world. This has garnered a certain interest in my social circle at home but has not really made any other difference to my life, lifestyle or income.

In New York I have met nearly a person a day who seems to have heard of me because of my musical production or promotional work or because of (less commonly, ironically) my writing.

It has been a very odd experience and to be honest I’m not sure I like it. I enjoy talking about music and the artists I’ve worked with, but the stream of people saying “haven’t I heard of you?” has been a little difficult, embarrassing and a strange adjustment. I love New York City and it is like a second home to me and I’ll be sad to leave but it will be nice to just get back to being just the odd looking guy in my own neighbourhood, where I’m not wondering what the guy coming up to me is going to say…

2 thoughts on “Aren’t you………

  1. When Andruw Jones was a burden to the Dodgers he took batting practice at the school where I work. Hit hit balls over the fence and the apartment building across the street. no one had seen anything like it.

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