Paul and His Poems

What: Paul Cookson Poetry Workshop

Where: Ravenscourt Arts, Hammersmith, London

When: June 2,3,4, 2014

Just under 300 children booked places for the poetry workshops which were scheduled for the 1st week of June in Ravenscourt Arts. Paul Cookson was the poet and Darren Hirst the M.C. as the schools’ groups came and went, over a three day period.

Every child left with a smile. There were noisy poems, join-in poems, poems about teachers, poems about football and thoughtful, inspiring poems.


From first-to-last, each performance was a treat and was followed by a workshop in which Paul taught the group the skills necessary to work with words and write their own poems. He also fielded every question that any child could come up with – some of which came from children who wanted to think about a career as a writer or poet and others who just wanted to ask personal and slightly embarrassing questions. Paul handled all in great spirit and the fun just flowed.

Speaking of embarrassment, more than one teacher found themselves worked into Paul’s poems and found their funny bones pinched. A great time!


Come back, Paul!


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