If you’re someone who likes to sit down and eat cereal for breakfast you’re no doubt aware that the finest sweet cereal on the UK market is “Golden Nuggets”. The Golden Nuggets are painstakingly dug out of the earth by Klondike Pete and his mule assistant Pardner. Golden Nuggets were first made available in the stores in the Seventies when I was a boy but disappeared from our supermarket shelves due to the “great nugget shortage” of the 1980s. They reappeared in the late 1990s due solely to the hard work and labour of Pete and his trusty cohort. The new vein of nuggets was so successful that Pete ‘n’ Pardner were able to expand their endeavours to the internet and introduce themed games which revolved around working in the Golden Nugget Mines. Imagine the pleasures of eating “Golden Nuggets” whilst playing “Runaway Mine” on the site http://www.fantasyworldoffun.com .

However now we come to my moment of outrage. Visitors to fantasy world of fun in recent weeks have found that their site has disappeared:

They have spoilt my fun (and more importantly the fun of millions like me) and replaced it with an advert for some annoying old women who claim to hand-knit something called shreddies. I think they should grow up and pay Pete ‘n’ Pardner the respect they’re due for their hard work. Protest! Picket! Write angry letters! Write furious e-mails!! Do something!