Listen to my album from 20 years ago

There’s a real trend at the moment for doing a show that is based around a complete performance of an old album. I’m not sure how this differs from a band that has lost its way creatively and is just doing “nostalgia” shows for the money but it seems that it does in the mind of the audience. It seems to work. I caught John Foxx last year doing a complete performance of Metamatic (from 1980), b-sides, outakes and all. It was a great night. In retrospect though I didn’t enjoy it as much as when he toured “From Trash” earlier in the year or when he did his art-house stuff like “Tiny Colour Movies” so I remain a little ambivalent.
One of the best tours I ever saw was All About Eve when they were performing with Toni Haimi on guitars doing a set that was almost entirely new material and which had never been committed to disc. All lot of that material still hasn’t. It was boundless energy and unpredictable. A little different from here’s the song that was side 1 track 4 on the original vinyl release.
Anyway, life is for living and I’ll take both. Just booked to see Gary Numan performing the whole of “Replicas” in the Spring….. Seems a whole lot more credible than Sweet whose remaining members are doing a Seventies show with the Rubettes and Showaddywaddy. Why is this that? I wish I understood the difference.

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