September Rain…… Here Comes the Rain

So as I prepare for my latest trip to Manhattan and the Bronx, time for another update on the successes and failures of the month so far in New York…….


Derek Jeter. Jeter continues to have a huge run with the bat. His production has gone through the roof over the last few weeks albeit that it is too late for the Yankees.

Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod is pulling out of his late August slump as his grand slam against the Rays this afternoon proves. That was his fifth home run of the month.

Bobby Abreu. Abreu continues to be our most productive and consistent offensive player. He should be the player that we build our outfield around in 2009.


Jose Molina. Molina has been very consistent behind the plate and very poor at the plate. With Posada unlikely to be fit to catch on opening day and with Pudge unlikely to back, there is a real question whether Molina should be back in 2009.

Robinson Cano. So the Yankees website tells us that Cano will rebuild his mechanics during the offseason. Serious consideration should be given to how it is that after a reasonable mid-season recovery, he has drifted out to a .143 BA on the month so far. Too many players have lost sight of their strengths this year. The coaching staff needs to undergo some changes at the season end.

Hideki Matsui. Recovered enough from injury to be on the team but still needing surgery at the season end, Matsui is just not himself. Whether this is because he hasn’t adapted to being designated hitter or whether he has insufficient physical strength to actually be playing at all is debatable but .225 on the month so far with no home runs is not what the team rushed him back for.


Johnny Damon. Only surprising that Damon has cooled at the point that the Yankees needed him to heat up. He has had a good year on the whole but as become too quiet when we needed him most.

Chad Moeller. Surprisingly, back in the Bronx again and doing well in his occasional start. All this from a guy we nearly lost through waivers earlier in the season.

Phil Hughes. Just when all was lost, he came up with the goods in the game that brought the championship to Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees. Consequently, he is being called up and a start in the Bronx is pencilled in. So many twists and turns…….

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