September Rain…… Here Comes the Rain (part 2 – the pitchers)

New York is beautiful at this time of the year……. the pitching in the Bronx not as good.


Phil Coke. Young Mr Coke missed out on Scranton’s post-season success in order to bolster the Yankees major league struggles. He has certainly helped. Five games in September, so far, without a run conceded and a team best OBA for the month.

Brian Bruney. Bruney continues to dominate in his relief appearances. He and Damaso Marte are becoming a crucial part of the relief corps especially with Vera faltering slightly.

Alfredo Aceves. Aceves has impressed. First in relief and then as a starter, he has done well in his so-far brief tenure.


Darrell Rasner. Despite a decent innings in relief against Tampa a couple of nights ago, there is no hiding the depths that Rasner’s season has fallen to. He achieved an ERA of over 19 in his first two September appearances and one of out of every two batters he faced made it to the first base bag safely during that period.

Edwar Ramirez. Ramirez seems to have lost his way in the final third of the season. Five runs given up in his last 3 1/3 innings. Not good.

Sidney Ponson. Sidney has faded badly but still we persist with him as a starter. He has avoided losses so far this month but he is making hard work for the bullpen.


Dan Giese. Giese has struggled since his return from injury. Hoping this is not the lingering problems of his strain.

Mike Mussina. Mussina has run out of luck in the last few weeks. The run support for him as not been as strong as earlier in the year. What were once wins are turning into losses and no decisions. Twenty games no longer looks possible.

Andy Pettitte. Pettitte usually has a strong second half but this year poor outings have seen his win-loss record drift out to 13-13. Could be his last year in the Bronx.

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