Fine game for Mike Mussina in Yankee Stadium last night. In truth, he had a pretty poor first innings (which was partially due to some doubtful calls on the plate umpire’s part) but after that he was smooth sailing. Bobby Abreu – the guy the "insiders" say is on his way out of the Bronx on the end of the season but whom this journal reckons should be the rock they build next year’s outfield around – hit two home runs in his first two at-bats. As usual in September there were a whole bunch of debutantes now the season is winding to a close with no hope of the post-season. So I got my first look at Juan Miranda (first base & the 17th Cuban ever to play for NYY), Humberto Sanchez (subject of many whispers over the last two years but whose arrival in the Bronx has been much delayed by injury) and Francisco Cervelli (whose appearance was too brief to figure out much about other than he is a catcher).
Jeter continues to enjoy a strong finish to the year. The stadium is pretty full but the empty seats are mostly in the most expensive areas which is interesting given that their policy for the "new" Yankee Stadium is to increase the expensive seating areas and private boxes and reduce the numbers seats available for typical baseball fans. Two guys I met had paid $250 for their seats and left in the fifth innings. Now there’s fans for you.

Aside from baseball, I took the ferry over to Staten island and did some exploring (okay, I looked round the baseball stadium there, too) and had a good day soaking up the sun in Manhattan. I’m just heading to Central Park and then tonight it is Yankees play Orioles.

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