Manhattan Skyline

So I’m hanging around Manhattan for a few days as I’m here to take in the last few games at Yankee Stadium. I love this city and it is always great to be here whatever the circumstance but the closure of the Stadium makes me both excited and annoyed in equal measure. Annoyed because they’re getting rid of all tradition and history and things will never be the same. Excited because at least I get to be a part of the big wind-down and the final game.

After that back to the UK and hopefully take the two Swarf concerts that are happening during the last week in September.


2 thoughts on “Manhattan Skyline

  1. I *love* Manhattan….one day I am going to try to live there for a little while…
    I have been trying to get back up there for years now and each time I try to plan a trip, it hasn’t worked out. I was also annoyed when I heard they were getting rid of the old stadium, there is SO much history there you would think they would want to hold on to that…but I guess money talks (louder than tradition).

  2. I’m glad you’re getting a last look at Yankee Stadium. I really wish more stadiums would be kept for their historical value. It’s hard to believe that Dodger Stadium out here, which looks immaculate, is about the third oldest stadium in the majors now. Fenway Park and Wrigley Field are older.
    Enjoy New York!
    I’m trying to work out a trip to Anfield, which seems to get another year and another year of life.

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