William, it was really nothing…….

Tomorrow is the first part of my two-legged consideration of David Tennant’s role in the works of William Shakespeare. Any one who reads this journal on a regular basis (there must be someone!) will know that I’m pretty committed to the RSC and try to take in all of their productions. So Thursday, I journey to Stratford-Upon-Avon to see the latest production of the rather slight "Love’s Labours Lost". Then in December on its London transfer I have the rather more substantial "Hamlet". Anyone who follows the papers (tabloid or broadsheet) will know that the good Doctor takes the lead in these two – indeed in Hamlet, he is paired with that other star-crossed traveller, Patrick Stewart. Don’t know what I think about this. I’m not keen on the RSC doing productions where the lead actor outranks the play – even before its opened. When Patrick Stewart works with the RSC normally it barely raises a ripple of interest unless the production is really good so this is obviously about Tennant. I hope by the time I return on Friday, he will have done Shakespeare proud……..

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