Sensible to Feeling as to Sight

What: Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Who: Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC)

Where: Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon

When: 20th March 2018

When a familiar play opens and you see characters normally associated with adults being played by pre-teen girls, it is difficult to stifle an inward groan. But, in actuality, this production of Macbeth is very strong indeed and is one which you should hunt for tickets for. It really does have an awful lot to commend it. This is a taut, energetic production with some exceptional acting.

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The Play’s the Thing…….



Edward Bennett as Hamlet

In Hamlet, the RSC have, by far, their best production of the year. Last night at the Novello Theatre, an enthusiastic audience rose to their feet in standing ovation to reward the actors on the conclusion of an oustanding performance.

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William, it was really nothing…….

Tomorrow is the first part of my two-legged consideration of David Tennant’s role in the works of William Shakespeare. Any one who reads this journal on a regular basis (there must be someone!) will know that I’m pretty committed to the RSC and try to take in all of their productions. So Thursday, I journey to Stratford-Upon-Avon to see the latest production of the rather slight "Love’s Labours Lost". Then in December on its London transfer I have the rather more substantial "Hamlet". Anyone who follows the papers (tabloid or broadsheet) will know that the good Doctor takes the lead in these two – indeed in Hamlet, he is paired with that other star-crossed traveller, Patrick Stewart. Don’t know what I think about this. I’m not keen on the RSC doing productions where the lead actor outranks the play – even before its opened. When Patrick Stewart works with the RSC normally it barely raises a ripple of interest unless the production is really good so this is obviously about Tennant. I hope by the time I return on Friday, he will have done Shakespeare proud……..