Light and… Tragic

Occasionally, there’s going to be a disappointing concert that comes along and I’m afraid that tonight might be one of those.
Ladytron at Oxford Academy was probably the worst show I’ve seen this year.

The downside:

1. Poor sound with the vocals way too low in the mix. Ladytron’s strengths would seem, on their studio recordings, to be their analogue synths and their clear and crisp vocals. All of this was lost tonight. Even the introductions between songs were inaudible down the front.

2. Dreadful lighting. I could see the people in the audience more clearly than I could see anyone on the stage.

3. Lack of stage presence – leaving the band without a focus especially in the muggy light. Geeky dancing and little natural charisma.

The upside:

1. Some of the songs from "Velocifero", particularly the three they opened the set with (Black Cat, Runaway and Ghost), showed more potential than on disc where they sound a little flat.

Not a great night.

5 thoughts on “Light and… Tragic

  1. Found this review of their Leeds Cockpit show on a fan site. Sounds like Oxford wasn’t an off night.
    “The sound was dire…… The visuals weren’t much better either, there was hardly any lighting and it seemed like I was trying to watch the telly with the contrast down whilst John Merrick was stood in front of me.
    Apart from the sound getting a bit better half way through and being able to make out some of the tracks – they played Seventeen and a couple off their new album (which I can’t get into). Very short gig as well – they went off after an hour and played 2 tracks in the encore .

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