Coming Soon – The Twilight Dawning Baseball Awards 2009

Last year we did something fun called the "Twilight Dawning Baseball Awards". I thought it was worth repeating.

Basically, any New York Yankee who got a positive mention in one of my monthly baseball reports scores a point. Any Yankee who gets a negative mention loses a point. Any player who ranked as a good surprise in a report also scores a mark and anyone who was noted as bad surprise also loses a point.

We total up the marks and award the best batter, best pitcher, best bench player and best reliever with a mention in my column – what more could they want!

It also enables me to have a jumping off point to get the baseball discussion running until the new season starts.

Just for the record, the 2008 winners were:

Batter – Alex Rodriguez
Pitcher – Mike Mussina
Bench – Wilson Betemit
Reliever – Mariano Rivera

Mussina, seeing this award as the peak of his career, retired and obviously can’t repeat. Betemit left the Yankees and signed on with the White Sox. Failing to capitalise on the momentum given to any career by the prestigious Twilight Dawning award, he lasted until June in the majors for Chicago before being assigned to Triple-A. For 2010, he has signed a minor league deal with the Kansas City Royals. A clear sign that a TWI-D* will make your career for you – and to think he was just a journeyman infielder before I brought him to the attention of my readers.

So can either A-Rod or Mo repeat? Do they want to?

All will be revealed.

* The TWI-D (Twilight dawning) awards are not associated with the TWIB (This week in Baseball) awards or any other less prestigious prize.

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