The Twilight Dawning 2nd Annual Yankees Baseball Awards


That’s TWI-D (Twilight Dawning) not TWIB (This week in Baseball)

Here’s the roll of honour:

Batter of the Year 2009: Derek Jeter
Pitcher of the Year 2009: C.C. Sabathia

Bench player of the Year 2009: Ramiro Pena
Relief Pitcher of the Year 2009: A three-way tie:

David Robertson – Mariano Rivera – Alfredo Aceves

For the record, here are the total points gained:



Derek Jeter                  8

Alex Rodriguez           5

Robinson Cano           4

Jorge Posada               3

Hideki Matsui             2

Melky Cabrera            2

Johnny Damon            2

Mark Teixeira              1

Brett Gardner              -1

Xavier Nady               -1

Nick Swisher               -2 




Ramiro Pena                4

Francisco Cervelli       3

Jerry Hairston jr          1

Juan Miranda              1

Kevin Cash                 -1

Cody Ransom             -2

Eric Hinske                 -2

Shelley Duncan           -2

Freddy Guzman          -2

Angel Berroa               -2

Jose Molina                 -3



C.C. Sabathia              6

David Robertson         5

Mariano Rivera           5

Alfredo Aceves           5

Andy Pettitte              3

Joba Chamberlain        3

Phil Hughes                 1

Mark Melancon           1

Phil Coke                    1

Chad Gaudin              1

A.J. Burnett                0

Damaso Marte             0

Brett Tomko                0

Brian Bruney               -1

Jose Veras                   -1

Sergio Mitre                -1

Ian Kennedy               -1

Jonathan Albaladejo   -2

Chien-Ming Wang      -2

Anthony Claggett       -2

Edwar Ramirez           -3

The way that is calculated favours those players that are consistent. Teixeira’s awful April and October explains why he might have ranked lower than on other season summaries. Other than I think it’s pretty reflective.


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