Spring Training 2010 – Yankees at Second Base

The Yankees have used 5 players in Spring Training that you might consider second basemen. Of these four are junior members of the farm system – Luis Nunez, David Adams, Kevin Russo and Reegie Corona. Russo has seen a good number of at-bats in the Spring games and produced some decent stats but realistically he will be looking for a September call-up when the roster expands.

The only second baseman the Yankees will carry in 2010 is Robinson Cano. The only peculiarity about Cano is that the Yankees keep giving the impression that they’re willing to shop him around even though his defensive performance and his batting figures keep improving. His figures in ’09 showed a .049 improvement on batting average on the previous year (.271 – .320), a .047 gain in on-base percentage (.305 – .352) and a huge, huge plus in slugging carried largely by almost doubling his home run total (.410 to .520). All of this whilst issues about his concentration in the field were finally dismissed.

Cano played 161 games at 2b in 2009 and should match that barring injuries in 2010 and will probably be backed up by Ramiro Pena  who we will look at in our shortstop survey.


1.       Robinson Cano
2.       Kevin Russo
3.       Reegie Carona

Will carry: One

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