Spring Training 2010 – Yankees at third base

There will be no surprises at 3b from the Yankees beyond Spring training. Alex Rodriguez was always going to be the first choice third baseman and the Yankees have not often carried a bench player who specialises at third.

In Spring Training, they have used 4 other players whose primary vocation could be the hot corner. Jimmy Paredes and Jose Pirela were barely used. Brandon Laird and Jorge Vazquez were reassigned yesterday. They saw nearly as much playing time as A-Rod until then and Laird was the hot performer but neither were likely to make the cut.

Alex Rodriguez’s 2009 was marred at the beginning by injury and then by poor performance at the plate. Alex Rodriguez’s 2009 was marked by a quiet improvement for the rest of the season and a hot post-season. He lost .010 off his batting average (.302-.292), lost 41 points off his slugging (.573 to .532) but showed a return to 2007 levels in on-base percentage.

The Yankees will be hoping that injury-free he will be back at 2008 levels in the batting / slugging departments especially with the post-season and steroid monkeys off his soul.


1.       Alex Rodriguez
2.       Brandon Laird
3.       Jorge Vazquez

Will Carry: One

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