And December Gave Birth to a Boxset………..

I have a fairly varied professional life. I get to write, I get to work in the music industry, I get to front a charity and help people who are in need. Each day can be different.

This Christmas I achieved something I’ve not done before. Three years ago, I began to work in various capacities with the members of the band Sad Cafe.

In 2010, a record company in Japan expressed an interest in producing a boxset of the band’s best known albums. I did a lot of soundwork and re-mastering and ultimately acted as the Executive Producer on the box which contains seven cds and replicas of each album’s original artwork reproduced as miniature LP sleeves..

It looks and sounds very cool and it came out in Japan just before Christmas. You can buy the albums individually or in the box to sit on your shelf. Very nice. Those outside of Japan can find it on Amazon and E-Bay.

I’ve never been to Japan and now people in that country are buying something which I caused to happen and which re-presents the work of a band which I’m very fond of and who have been a little overlooked.

Like I said each day can be different……

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