Was it all worth it?

Well, frankly, no.

As I’m catching up with posting reviews and articles, it occurred to me that the last two were about my first visit to Stratford-Upon-Avon since the new theatre opened.

The development of the new theatre saw the old Royal Shakespeare Theatre disappear and the Swan Theatre close for a number of years. The gardens outside the theatre were torn apart and navigating around the area became difficult and businesses suffered.

And now my visit to the Swan since it reopened was for The Rape of Lucrece and the following night I visited the new Royal Shakespeare Theatre for King Lear.

The Swan Theatre is as before but is now accessible from the main theatre building. The new theatre is delightful but then I always loved the old one. The exterior of the RST looks worse than it did before – kind of like the exterior of an old Victorian prison. I know why this had to be maintained but the town has suffered for very little change. The building exterior is as dull as before but bigger, more imposing and more noticeable.

A few years ago, I attended the last ever game at the old Yankee Stadium. I still haven’t recovered from the fact that the beautiful building and ballpark that was the House that Ruth Built is no longer there and whilst the new one is fine, I miss the old too much.

I have no such feelings about the old Royal Shakespeare Theatre. But the new one is just so drab. The new stage and auditorium  are fine but the town was crippled for so long for so little.

It wasn’t worth it.

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