Natural Progressions Update – Eagles in 2013/2014

Well, most of our readers who follow the newspaper advertisements or internet will know that Eagles are touring the UK and Europe in 2014. What do we know about that tour?

1. We were in touch with Bernie Leadon yesterday who is in good spirits and confirms that he will be involved with the tour, in the same way as he was part of the U.S. leg of the tour this year.

Our other sources tell us:

2. If it was up to Don Henley, Randy Meisner would also be involved in the tour. However, Meisner’s ongoing health problems will prevent him from being present.

3. No such invitation has been handed to Don Felder. Nor is it likely to be.

4. This is likely to be the last Eagles tour – or certainly the last one to reach Europe – so it might be time to put aside your reservations about those ticket prices and get the best seats you can afford.

5. If the Hell Freezes Over tour majored on material from “Hotel California”, the Farewell One Tour emphasised material from “The Long Run” and the Long Road Out of Eden was made up mainly of songs (surprisingly!) from “Long Road Out of Eden”, it is worth noting that the highest percentage of songs from any single album on the History of Eagles tour comes from “Desperado” including some which have not been performed in concert since 1978-1980.

In other Eagles news, the Selected Works boxset has been re-released in the UK in a new format and now retails at between £9.99 and £12.99. This seems like value for money given that you get four cds (including a live one you can’t get elsewhere). It’s available from all the regular retailers but make sure you order the 2013 release.

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