The New York Yankees in May – Update 2

The Yankees lost Shawn Kelley to the disabled list, to add to their pitching woes. He is suffering with stiffness in his back and will be unavailable until the 28th of May at the earliest.


Shawn Kelley – yet another Yankees pitcher on the disabled list

Outfielder, Zoilo Almonte has taken his spot on the roster. Almonte is covering for Carlos Beltran who has received a cortisone shot to help with pain caused by a bone spur in his right elbow. Beltran will need surgery in the off-season.


A chance for Zoilo Almonte to make his mark on the big leagues

Meanwhile, rumour has 24 year-old right-hander, Chase Whitley being called up for the final game of the Mets series tonight. Whitley has been pitching well at Scranton (Triple-A) but curiously has been used primarily as a reliever during his time in the minors. In order to use him the Yankees will need to clear a spot on both the 25 and 40 man rosters as Whitley is currently on neither of those. He will be the 37th player the Yankees have needed to use this season.


Chase Whitley


2 thoughts on “The New York Yankees in May – Update 2

  1. I think making any changes to the roster which aren’t forced would be foolish. Nuno’s not a starter for the long term but at the moment the Yankees can use all the arms they can muster. Tanaka alone can’t keep us them in contention/

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