Professional baseball in the UK?

A tale of three cities…

Surely, it could never catch on… could it?

The date: 29 & 30th June 2019

The place: Olympic Stadium, Stratford, London, UK

What: Major League Baseball

Who: The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox (with Boston playing as the home team).

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The Merchant of Venice

Well, back from 4 days in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

What can I say? The town is a mess. The unnecessary vigour to tear down the old theatre and replace it with a new one as now spread to the Bancroft Gardens. Every inch seems to have been dug over and turned to mud. Fences and scaffold surround everywhere in sight and I felt sorry for those who had travelled from France and Japan (seemed like the only two kind of tourists in evidence!) who had made a long journey and who were missing the old town at its best.

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