Life and death at Easter

Today, I spent much of the day with Bernie Leadon (formerly of the Eagles) and Glyn Johns (producer with Eagles, Rolling Stones,The Who). There are worse ways to pass a few hours.

This week Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane in Sarah Jane Adventures) and Roger Nichols (sound engineer with Steely Dan) passed from this world. They will be missed.

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The continuing adventures of Sarah Jane

Far be it from me to take on the Doctor Who experts on LiveJournal but I noticed that the BBC are repeating the first series of the Sarah Jane Adventures on Sunday afternoons beginning today. Complete stories (double episodes) are being shown each Sunday in the run-up to the beginning of the second series in the Autumn. For my money this is the most enjoyable of the Doctor Who spin-offs and sees Elisabeth Sladen continue her excellent reprisal of her Sarah Jane role which began in the company of Jon Pertwee (the third Doctor, I believe) in the Seventies. Well worth watching.