don’t silence

Had a great night at the Swarf gig at a little (tiny!) venue in Brighton. I’ve been very caught up with other things for a few months and it feels good to get back to some serious music watching. I’ve a number of concerts coming up over the next few weeks and months (more Swarf, Ladytron, John Foxx etc. etc.) and I need this to get myself back in balance after a pretty torrid time.

Last night’s show? Support offerings from Portslade and Johnny Loves House which weren’t going to change my life and then a very delightful set from the delectable talents that are Swarf. Set opened with an elegant Supine, then there was Parlour Tricks, and a set made up of mostly newer songs. "Not Enough" was full of energy and the keyboard sounds seemed to have been reworked for that one. They closed with a cover of Depeche Mode’s "In Your Room" which was suitably ethereal. An enthusiastic crowd brought them back for an encore (the name of which I couldn’t remember last night and by this afternoon I can’t remember what I heard! Liz?)  after a good tight set.


3 thoughts on “don’t silence

    • Ah! I knew that — well, I didn’t but you know what I mean. Photo is only scary because I forgot my camera and had to use my phone – you looked good as always – although you did seem to be having a few problems with the zip on your frock…..

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