One more last night

Had a good night at Dingwalls yesterday. Arrived in time to see Deviant UK who I really enjoyed even if Jay Smith does wear his Numan influences just a tad too heavily. Good performer, good set.

Next up was the reason for being here – Swarf. Another great performance. Ms. Green really grows when presented with an enthusiastic, reasonably-sized audience and the two guys are a moody and talented presence who are a very large part of everything the band does. So good I bought the t-shirt. But how could they drop "Supine" from the set? This was the song that really turned me on to Swarf. The fall e.p. was good but all the pieces didn’t really fall into place, for me, until I heard "Supine". Swarf, you may be near the top of my personal listening class but restore that song to your live performance. Now, write 500 lines, "We must perform Supine every time we play, regardless of how long a set we are allotted".

Third act up were Adoration who have that guy from This Burning Effigy and precious little else. I really would have stayed for Diary of Dreams but I couldn’t be bothered to wade through this monotonous wall of sound for as long as it would have taken. It’s a shame because on their myspace their sound manages to have interesting layers and all kinds of things going on but all this was lost in the boggy mire they delivered last night.

Diary of Dreams? I guess we’ll never know


Deviant UK

1,2,3 Swarfs

2 thoughts on “One more last night

  1. We had to drop one because we only had half an hour. we thought it easiest to drop the first song.
    But now that I have been reprimanded, I shall ensure it is back on the set list when I know you are coming along!
    Am I forgiven? :oD

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