Back From the Land of Ice and Snow

I don’t like snow.

The members of Sad Cafe have been working on an album. Their lead vocalist, Paul Young (no, not the other guy of the same name – this one was also in Mike & the Mechanics) passed away. Before he died he had completed vocal tracks for around 30 new songs. A plan was put together to get the surviving musicians together to turn this into the fully fledged album that Paul had envisaged. I had been working on getting re-releases for the band’s back catalogue and so I became a key player in making this happen.

The only question is where we would make the album.

Manchester was mentioned – after all it is the guys’ hometown…….. Various other cities were put on the table and discarded. And then they decided on Gothenburg, Sweden. "Darren, could you come out and do your part of the work in January?" January in Gothenburg.

And I don’t like snow.

There’s a lot of snow in Gothenburg in January and I just got back. I’m glad the snow in London is gone.

The album sounds excellent (if I say so myself) and with about 10 tracks completed, we enter into the tricky business of getting the right record company on board. All this in what is a difficult climate for the music industry. Did someone mention climate……bbbrrrrrrrrrr…………

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