Natural Progressions Update

There hasn’t been an issue of Natural Progressions, our Eagles magazine, for the better of part of two years.

There has been a whole range of reasons for this and the future of the whole publication is under review.

In the meantime, here is an update about what is happening in the world of the Eagles:

Glenn Frey. Glenn released his solo album “After Hours” in May 2012. It comes in a regular version and a deluxe edition. The deluxe edition has extra tracks. Mr Frey has been performing some solo dates in the States. Glenn has “Route 66” as a single at radio in the UK.

Joe Walsh. Joe also released a solo album “Analog Man”. It became the first album of his to chart in the UK since “But Seriously Folks” in 1978. Again, he has been playing some live dates and the album is doing very well as a result. He has two singles at radio “Analog Man” and “Lucky That Way”. There is also a deluxe version of the album which comes with a DVD.

Bernie Leadon. Mr Leadon has been working on a charity project with Glyn Johns and they spent some time in the studio in the UK working upon it. I just heard from Bernie a few days ago that the project has been “shelved” which is a great shame. Bernie is pressing on but is concentrating on family matters for the time being.


Bernie Leadon and Darren Hirst @ Sphere Studios, London, UK

Don Felder. Don has been playing the odd live date in the States. He has now completed work on his second solo album “Road to Forever” which will be out in early October 2012.

Timothy B. Schmit. Timothy is working on his next solo venture whilst playing occasional live dates with the Eagles.

Don Henley. Mr Henley has previously said he is working on two separate solo projects. Don has been quiet about these recently and there is no indication on when they might be finished.

Randy Meisner. Mr Meisner is struggling with ill health. We wish him well.

Eagles. The Eagles have a few live dates in the diary (in the States) and Glenn has talked enthusiastically about a big project for next year.

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