Natural Progressions Update – The History of the Eagles tour

Eagles began their latest tour on the 6th of July and this time they will be joined by a special guest, Mr Bernie Leadon.

I visited with Bernie at Sphere Studios, London in 2011 when he was working on a production project with Glyn Johns. When that venture was shelved, uncompleted, I pretty much expected that Bernie would head for retirement so when rumours began to circulate that he would be on this Eagles tour I very much took a wait and see attitude — and I’m pleasantly surprised that it has all come together.

I exchanged e-mails with Bernie yesterday who tells me that all is going well on and off stage so everyone seems to be happy.


(Don Henley and Glenn Frey enter)

Saturday Night (from Desperado)

(Bernie Leadon joins the band on stage)

Train Leaves Here This Morning (from Eagles)

(Timothy B. Schmit enters)

Peaceful Easy Feeling (from Eagles)

(Joe Walsh enters)

Witchy Woman (from Eagles)

Doolin-Dalton (from Desperado)

Tequila Sunrise (from Desperado)

Doolin-Dalton Reprise (from Desperado)

Desperado Reprise (from Desperado)

Already Gone (from On the Border)

Best of My Love (from On the Border)

Lyin’ Eyes (from One of These Nights)

One of These Nights (from One of These Nights)

Take it to the Limit (from One of These Nights)

— Intermission —-

(The band returns minus Bernie Leadon)

Wasted Time Reprise (from Hotel California)

Pretty Maids All in a Row (from Hotel California)

I Can’t Tell You Why (from The Long Run)

New Kid in Town (from Hotel California)

Love Will Keep Us Alive (from Hell Freezes Over)

Heartache Tonight (from The Long Run)

Those Shoes (from The Long Run)

In the City (from The Long Run)

Life’s Been Good (from Eagles Live & But Seriously Folks)

The Long Run (from The Long Run)

Funk # 49 (from The Millennium Concert & James Gang Rides Again)

Life in the Fast Lane (from Hotel California)

—- Encores —-

Hotel California (from Hotel California)

(Bernie Leadon returns)

Take it Easy (from Eagles)

Rocky Mountain Way (from The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get)

Desperado (from Desperado)


It seems likely that the tour will continue through 2015 and will cover all major markets


Bernie and Darren at Sphere Studios in 2011


2 thoughts on “Natural Progressions Update – The History of the Eagles tour

  1. Hi there do you think they will come to the UK – Glasgow in particular and if so will Bernie still be with them? What do you think. Alison.

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