Natural Progressions Update – History of the Eagles tour # 2

Some Random Thoughts……

Bernie Leadon. I’d like to have seen Bernie take more than one lead vocal during the new show. Songs like Bitter Creek or My Man seemed ripe for a place in the set. Even so his inclusion on guitar and banjo is definitely a plus. I’ve known him since 1996 and during that time I’ve interviewed him on more than thirty occasions and he’s visited with me in London twice. Never during all that time did I get any suggestion that he’d like to return to the Eagles so to say that I’m surprised is an understatement. Whether he stays with the band for the life of the tour, I guess, depends on backstage relationships but things look promising

Randy Meisner. Don Henley made it clear in an interview with Rolling Stone that they’d have liked to see Meisner performing on the tour as well as Bernie but that his health prevented it. He’s had heart problems for the last few years and they have been aggravated by a recent choking-on-food incident which saw him hospitalised. Add this to the fact that he was never keen on overseas tours and it is not hard to see why he didn’t make it and why his profile was so low in the film / DVD release. I don’t expect that we’ll see him back to performance whether in the Eagles or another context.

Don Felder. In the same Rolling Stone interview, Henley makes it clear that there is still ongoing litigation between Felder and members of the band and that Felder is the one taking that initiative.

Don Henley. Don’s solo album is going to be called “Cass County” and should be available in the Autumn

Glenn Frey. It’s interesting that all Glenn and Don’s solo songs have been left out of this tour to make room for band compositions. Only Joe Walsh / James Gang songs from the careers outside the band made the cut. Nice to see ‘New Kid in Town’ and ‘Tequila Sunrise’ included again after they had a rest but perplexing why Glenn persists with ‘Take it to the Limit’ when something like ‘Outlaw Man’ could have been included to give a rockier edge to the first set….. or perhaps ‘After the Thrill is Gone’ if they wanted another ballad from ‘One of These Nights’.

Joe Walsh. Joe said in interview that he expects to release a solo album with a bluesy vibe in 2014. Nice to see “Pretty Maids in a Row” back in the show but very, very surprising that nothing from “Long Road Out of Eden” is included. My first choice would have been the previously unperformed ‘Last Good Time in Town’ but if they wanted something they’d already played then how about ‘Waiting in the Weeds’, ‘Busy Being Fabulous’ or the era-straddling ‘How Long’?

Timothy B. Schmit. Some who were at the show have said that they notice a difference in Tim’s vocal range following his throat operation. No new word on his new solo album which has been in the works for a few years.

The Long Run. Ironic that this “difficult” album which so many people disparage remains the album that provides the highest number of songs in the show from the whole of the history of the band.

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