What’s coming up in 2014?

Thank you to everyone who visits and supports this site. We now get more visitors per day than ever before. We get twice as many visitors per day just reading old stuff as we used to get on the old site on a day when a new article went up.

So a couple of weeks into the New Year, what seems to be likely to appear here in 2014 and what else will I be involved in?


I will be covering at least three Royal Shakespeare Company productions during the year.

These will be:

Henry IV Part 1 in April

Henry IV Part 2 in May

The Two Gentleman of Verona in July

There will probably be more in the Autumn but these are definitely in my schedule.


Royal Shakespeare Theatre


There are 4 music projects that I have been asked to be involved in 2014. All of these are still being talked about so it’s too early to say anything more concrete.

With every year that comes there are new bands and artists that I become interested in and so my music collection continues to take over the house. I can’t really be content with mp3s so it is a mixture of cds and vinyl.

Relatively new artists that I’m enjoying? Daughters of Davis, Hannah Peel, Serafina Steer, Panic Room, Dead Rock West, Perkelt, Lacey Sturm (and her old band, Flyleaf) ………..

Older artists that are still at the top of their game? Steely Dan / Donald Fagen / Walter Becker, Ron Carter, Bob James, John Foxx and the Maths (and a myriad of related projects), Sad Café, Ashley Mulford, Danilo Perez, Mark Colby, Jay Farrar / Son Volt, Judie Tzuke………..

Donald Fagen of Steely Dan

Donald Fagen of Steely Dan

If I can offer advice on marketing, recording or financing your album or project, please get in touch.

Son Volt

Son Volt

Bob Dylan.

I’m still picking my way through all the cds in the Complete Album Collection box set. I hope to present reviews here on this website of some of the albums that were remastered for the first time for this box. We will also cover Dylan’s new projects and bring full reviews as they happen.

Natural Progressions.

Obviously, I’ll be covering the Eagles tour in May and June. Hopefully, we’ll get the opportunity to interview Bernie whilst he’s in the UK.


The site will have my two columns on the New York Yankees each month during the season and a monthly update out of season.

Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium

Older stuff

Newspaper and journal articles, by their very nature, date with time but I was looking at some of the older ones and some still stand up. I hope to re-present some of them here during the year. There’s some interviews – Alice Cooper, Al Perkins, Richie Furay – that have never been on either of my blogs. Some older pieces I did with Bernie Leadon – particularly one about the making of the Desperado album – will also be worth a re-run. Also some reviews of past Bob Dylan albums and tours. If I find the time I’ll get them all up on this website.

Children and young people’s projects.

As well as presenting some music artists in the theatre that I run, I hoping that we’ll find space in the diary to do some more children’s events. These are always a lot of fun and we can do them much more easily now that we have our own space to organise and produce them. As well as things directly related to matters of faith and the church I pastor, I’m hoping to put together some poetry workshops and, perhaps, more Shakespeare.

Ravenscourt Arts Theatre

Ravenscourt Arts Theatre 2013

Watch this space!

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