A Gospel Night: A Review

Late February at Ravenscourt Arts.

A celebration of Gospel in Music and Words


DSC_2468 (3)

The latest event at our theatre, Ravenscourt Arts was called “A Gospel Night” and took place in late February of 2014 and was a celebration of the gospel of Jesus Christ in music and words.
The event grew out of a suggestion by Patrycja Kalinska and involved performances by members of our church and performers from other churches. Patrycja is photographed above during the section of the show where the Ravenscourt Arts Choir showed their vocal skills in solos and choral sections.
The opening act on the night was Mick Chwedziak, who performed a group of his own compositions and one cover version. His vocal style reminded me of Scott Stapp and musically he showed echoes of the gentler end of Nickelback’s repertoire as he accompanied himself on guitar.

Mick Chwedziak
Mick Chwedziak

Next to take centre stage was Dimitri McIntosh accompanied by Jonathan Cramp on percussion. He rendered his own versions of popular worship songs “Open the eyes of my heart, Lord”, “Holy Spirit”, “Nothing is Impossible”, and “Majesty”. His short set was well received by the near capacity audience.
It was then time for a change of tempo with Darren Hirst performing a spoken word piece accompanied by Raffaell Motycki on piano. The notion behind the prose piece was that there was “a tune” which had been at the centre of creation since the beginning of all things but which had been lost by mankind’s unfaithfulness but which it was possible to find again through Jesus. The narrative was accompanied by an avant-garde musical piece which Darren & Rafaell had developed together. Darren was dressed in his customary black garb but with stark white face make-up which was quite effective.

Rafaell Motycki

Rafaell Motycki

Ravenscourt Arts Choir

Ravenscourt Arts Choir

Darren Hirst & Rafaell Motycki

Darren Hirst & Rafaell Motycki

The final act of the night was the group that I’m calling the Ravenscourt Arts Choir who performed their own composition “Jesus”, the praise songs “He is Exalted” and “I Sing Praises to Your Name” and the Kim Burrell number, “I Need A Miracle”. Their vocals were excellent and, once again, they were accompanied by Rafaell.
The evening finished with a community version of “By Faith” for which several other singers invaded the stage to join the choir.
It was a great night and “Another Gospel Night” is rumoured to be coming up in the

Dimitri Mcintosh

Dimitri Mcintosh

All photos provided by David Kalinski © 2014

Darren 2

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