A (Nut) Cracker for Christmas

What: The Nutcracker

Who: Saltmine Trust

Where: Ravenscourt Arts, Hammersmith, London

When: 14th December 2017

This Christmas was Ravenscourt Arts’ 4th annual Christmas production and its most difficult to organise – simply because it was put into the theatre’s calendar very late and, because of that late organisation, then trying fill up the house for a free show for children when schools had so much already organised proved rather difficult, meaning a half full house. This for a show that deserved so much more but fortunately a heart-full of humour made this production a huge success.

The four-person cast (two men, two women) developed a huge rapport with the children as they interacted with the young audience even before the show began and opened up what was to prove a heart-warming relationship between cast and crowd.

The story was quite a departure from traditional “Nutcrackers” but had enough of a connection to the usual story to work whilst incorporating some rather unusual musical choices – anyone for a re-worked version of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” by the Sugar Plum Fairy?

This was just one of the great musical numbers including “Fly Me to the Moon” by the Rat Pack who were the henchman of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

The show was opened and closed by Darren Hirst who runs the theatre and ended the show with a talk which was not too heavy on the meaning if a little light on the repartee. The music and dancing and audience participation it followed are at the heart of this great production which will tour into the New Year. It is one to catch while it is on the road.

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