A Salute to the Salutation!

In March 2020. I was asked to put together an event at one of our local pubs. The Salutation in King Street, Hammersmith, London had been a little quieter than normal since the local Town Hall had closed for refurbishment and I was asked to put on a bill of varied artists in order to get new people over the threshold.

After a few phone calls and a little planning, we had six acts, across a broad range of styles:

Jessica Kong (from Hong Kong, on classical piano)

Moon Culture (pop and r&B from Switzerland and Singapore)

Society of Imaginary Friends (from the UK)

Dimitri “Wolfy” McIntosh (spoken word and pop from West London)

The Shakespearience (a one man show of Shakespearean monologues and soliloquies performed by the Ghost of the White-faced Clown)

Outre Dan Steele (a three-piece Avant Garde rock outfit with a lead singer who looks surprisingly like the Ghost of the White-faced Clown but is actually someone else)

A good time was had by all. Here’s some photos. They were taken by members of the audience so in some instances they are not the best:


Jessica Kong



Keegan Israel of Moon Culture



Aline Huguelet of Moon Culture



Dimitri “Wolfy” McIntosh


The Shakespearience



The Society of Imaginary Friends



Outre Dan Steele


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