6 thoughts on “Good Rockers Can Never Die

  1. What you may not realise is, that at my request, Peter Shelley wrote two songs for Alvin that Michael Levy refused to go with, hence I suggested Peter record them himself of send ’em to Bobby Goldsboro who would have hits with them, the songs were ‘Gee Baby’ and ‘Love Me Love My Dog’, the first of which charted at 5 or 6, the second went to No-3.
    Roger Greenaway wrote one rather special song for Alvin which again Levy refused to allow him to record, hence Roger recorded it with The Drifters, the song was ‘More Than A Number In My Little Red Book’ which charter at 6….although I believe Alvin’s version was far better.
    If you want more true info on Alvin try my book ‘Cook’s Tours’ which is available c/o Amazon UK.

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  3. Thankyou so much for bringing this Story out again.. it’s been a whirlwind of memories for me and so many others on this site to read all this today if all days.. whilst we r all feeling sad, reading the journey from the start at the Earls Court TV and Radio exhibition in 1960? Where my friend and I first met him , has been a lifetime of joy.. rushing around the country every weekend.. to recording studios during the week .. hopping out of school for some of them if they were in Abbey road or Piccadilly Circus..
    Thankyou so much for putting a smile on my face today xx

  4. …..have to say – and being in the States at 12, don’t remember the original version well (believe it got SOME play on more adventurous AM stations here) but, to these ears, LATER take (first heard – again? on Dave Cash’s compilation) absolutely COOKS; with that SLIDE especially (not sure what its date of recording is) makes it sound MUCH more Buddy Hollyesque than Phil & Don-like…..did NOT know that Pete was a co-author, though…..

  5. Re living Shane/Alvins life has given me so much pleasure as I went through all of these times travelling the length of the country to see him from me as a younger teen up to an older woman .. I loved every concert I ever saw him in which were literally hundreds..Thankyou for a re-read on his amazing life ❤️🍾🎸🎤🎸🍾❤️🥰💔

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