The A1111 and Other Songs

What: My Last Will and Tasty Mint

Who: John Shuttleworth

When: 21st February 2017

Where: Leicester Square Theatre, London

What could be better than a John Shuttleworth concert? Well, perhaps a John Shuttleworth concert with lots of recently written songs and an invigorated artist.

Mr Shuttleworth and his well-honed songs have, of course, been touring around the UK for many years. You can find some of our comments on his previous tours here:


In those shows, his set had become more and more a greatest hits show. Now that is not to denigrate those tours which have always been a lot of fun. But this show has a whole bunch of songs that were new to this reviewer, some of which appear on his new album, The A1111 and Other Ones which can be purchased from his website.


Rapping in a onesie that used to belong to Elvis.

Regrettably, once more, a miscommunication between John and his sole agent has left this tour being mistitled. The intended “Last Will and Testament” has been changed to a reference to minty sweets. The original idea was to concentrate on the fact that many artists have passed away during the last 14 months and that it might be easier for John to retire before the Grim Reaper came his way too.


The error means that there are songs and talks on that theme but also that songs on the weighty subjects of Polos and the like (“My First Polo”) can be included in an 100 minute set which is never less than engaging and amusing.

The set opens with a song entitled “Last Will and Tasty Mint” and moves on through cheerful singalongs like “Mingling With Mourners” and thought provoking numbers like “How’s Yer Nan”.


On the phone with sole agent, Ken Worthington.

There is also evidence that Mr Shuttleworth’s philosophy of life has changed. His previous refusal to eat Bounty bars until the manufacturer restores the cardboard strip has been retracted although he now has a song which memorialises many of the chocolate bars that have disappeared since his youth. These heavy politically charged issues of our day are not to be overlooked.


Extra lighting effects for a song about travelling on the Snake Pass

The second half of the show comes to a conclusion with an improvised medley of John’s greatest hits – Y Reg, Pigeons in Flight, Can’t Go Back to Savoury Now, and Smells Like White Spirit are all present.

So a triumphant return to London for Shuttleworth. May there be many more like this before his last will is read out to his loved ones.


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