The A1111 and Other Songs

What: My Last Will and Tasty Mint

Who: John Shuttleworth

When: 21st February 2017

Where: Leicester Square Theatre, London

What could be better than a John Shuttleworth concert? Well, perhaps a John Shuttleworth concert with lots of recently written songs and an invigorated artist.

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A Cracker for Christmas

What: A Christmas Cracker

Who: Riding Lights Theatre Company

Where: Ravenscourt Arts, Hammersmith, London

When: December 9 & 10th 2015

This was the second annual Christmas play / pantomime at the Ravenscourt Arts theatre in Hammersmith and saw the theatre once again join forces with the Riding Lights Theatre Company from York to bring joy to the lives of an audience who were mostly between the ages of 4 and 11 with a smattering of teachers and parents.


Cracker the Dog

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A Monday Night to Remember

Who: John Shuttleworth

What: A Wee Ken to Remember

Where: Bloomsbury Theatre, London

When: 1st December 2014

Few artists have had a book published of their collected lyrics. Bob Dylan has had three (don’t try lifting the most recent one, you’ll do yourself a mischief), Paul Simon has had one, Sting has one (his Mum might have bought a copy) and so has John Shuttleworth. The difference between the first three and Shuttleworth is that John’s is self-published.

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Lumbar puncture

There are some things in life I never get tired of. Music is one of them. The “Spinal Tap” joke is another one of them. What is it about this film and all that has been done under that name since that I find endlessly enthralling and limitlessly funny. I was just watching the video that they made for their “Majesty of Rock” single which I think was taken from their album “Break Like the Wind” and I find it fascinating the way that they are so dead on in skewering the ridiculousness of so much rock music.

When I say that rock is ridiculous, I don’t count this as one of its bad elements. It just needs to be kept in check. Spinal Tap have managed to harpoon this tendency again and again. There was something so ironic about them performing at Live Earth which was about the only thing which made the day bearable.