Panic? Not quite…

What: Luna Rossa

Where: The Borderline, off Manette Street, London

When: 2nd November 2014

Luna Rossa are one of the new kids on the block in terms of live shows. This was their second live show on a three-date stretch which precedes the release of their second album “Secrets and Lies”. That such a little known band is able to pull a decent sized crowd is primarily due to their connection with one of rock music’s best kept quality secrets: Panic Room.

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Time for Panic?

Who: Panic Room

When: 14th June 2014

Where: The Borderline, Orange Yard, Manette Street, London

It’s been four years since I was asked to review Panic Room live and during that time they’ve gone through a few changes. Bassist, Alun Vaughan was replaced by Yatim Halimi just after that last review and then last year, Paul Davies left to be eventually replaced by Adam O’ Sullivan.

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