The pleasure of poetry with Paul Cookson

I first met Paul Cookson in the early 1980s at an Arts Festival called Greenbelt. Back then he was writing poems for adults and selling them in self-published booklets on the “fringe” area of the festival.

A couple of years later he had found his true vocation and graduated to writing poems for children. We started doing schools presentations of his work about 15 years ago and when I opened the theatre “Ravenscourt Arts@ Ravenscourt Baptist Church”, his performances became a regular if occasional part of our repertoire at the theatre as we have invited Paul to work with local schools groups.

This tradition continued in March 2016 as over 800 young people joined Paul over 6 events and laughed, worked with words, invented rhymes, and wrote their own poetry.

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Santa Maria!

Who: Perkelt

When: March 16th 2014

Where: The Suffolk Punch, Fulham Palace Road, London

Perkelt are changing……..

The last time I caught up with Perkelt, they were a six-piece band, all from the Czech Republic and dressed in Mediaeval outfits. Now they are a three-piece and their appearance is Gothic but more in the Camden town sense than in any attempted historical reproduction.

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