Music: The principal of pleasure (1978-1980)

A guy that I’ve met wrote a list on Facebook which has been running ’round my head for the last few hours. Quite a simple idea really – the albums he was listening to in his teenage years. It sparked something within me and took me back to another time and so I’m up in the night writing a list of my own but also exploring things that in some ways I’d rather not think about it – a very different time – and some things I guess I’d rather forget.

But in the midst of it there was always music.

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The Pleasures of Electricity

(Ignoring the snow outside)

One of my favourite arists, John Foxx has come up with three new albums for the first half of 2009

The first on the 23rd of February (just in time for my birthday) will be "My Lost City"

Track Listing:

01. Imperfect Hymn
02. Holywell Lane
03. Magnetic Fields
04. Just Passing Through
05. Barbican Brakhage
06. Hidden Assembly
07. Hawksmoor Orbital
08. Piranesi Motorcade
09. City of Disappearances
10. Umbra Sumus
11. Scene 27 – Intro to The Voice Behind The Wallpaper, Trellick Tower 3am

It will be released on Metamatic Records META21CD


His second release will be a collaboration with Steve Jansen (brother of David Sylvian and formerly percussionist with Japan) and Steve D’Agostino (who joined Foxx on his recent "Metamatic" tour.

The album entitled A Secret Life will be released on the 23rd of March also on Metamatic META22CD. Track listing:

01. A Secret Life (Part 1)
02. A Secret Life (Part 2)
03. A Secret Life (Part 3)
04. A Secret Life (Part 4)
05. A Secret Life (Part 5)
06. A Secret Life (Part 6)

No artwork yet.


The third album will be another collaboration, this time with former Cocteau Twin, Robin Guthrie. The album will be on Metamatic and will be distributed by Universal. Released on the 4th of May, it will be entitled "Mirrorball".

A New Kind of Album

The new John Foxx album arrived today. It’s a live album recorded on his “Metamatic” tour last Autumn. Entitled “A New Kind of Man”, it can only be obtained direct from Townsend Records ( ) under an exclusive deal that Foxx has with this outlet. As I understand it the release is limited to 1000 copies at the present time so will probably prove difficult to find in the long term.

The album carries 17 tracks which were recorded across the tour and selected by John and his musical partner Louis Gordon. Consequently, it has performances of the 10 tracks which originally made up the “Metamatic” album in 1980 and 7 recordings of additional tracks which were from the same era. These are the instrumentals: “Film One” (B-side of Underpass); “Glimmer” (which was covered by cult electronic band, Sonic Dude for a single release in 1982); “Mr. No” (also covered by Sonic Dude and then the Foxx version was remixed for a DJ single a couple of years ago); and the vocal tracks: “This City” (part of the No-One Driving single package originally); “Burning Car” (a hit, of sorts, in its own right); “21st Century” (b-side of that hit then called “Twentieth Century”) and, finally, “My Face” which those of us of a certain age will remember was originally released on a yellow flexi-disc attached to the cover of Smash Hits.

Anyway, the tour was essential viewing and listening for those who like the in-vogue tours which revive a classic album in its entirety and the album is a great reminder of that and should be picked up by those who were there and those who were not.